The Waste Me Not Campaign started in March 2018 by Mariska Nell and Marita Peters. The campaign runs for 30 days from Earth Hour to Earth Day and it’s the main goal is to encourage people to adopt habits that will support a more sustainable lifestyle.

The first Waste Me Not Campaign was inspired was by Rob Greenfield’s Trash Me challenge, where he wore his own trash for 30 Days.  Mariska and Marita wanted to provide people with a comparison by showing how the average person lives and how much waste they generate versus a more conscious person trying to refuse, reduce and reuse as much as possible. At the end of the challenge, Mariska’s trash weighed almost 65 kg versus Marita’s trash that only weighed in at 4kg.

After the success of the first campaign, we will continue the Waste Me Not Campaign next year with a new and exciting campaign to be launched from Earth Hour to Earth Day to encourage people to reduce the amount of waste that we generate. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!


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