Mariska Nell Waste Me Not I used to be an average consumer, I used to use many coffee capsules, those bright and beautiful ones, I then started collecting them to create something beautiful with all the colours, but then I realised just how much waste I was creating. My journey towards sustainability began at this point and since then I have dedicated my life to learning more about the effects we have on the environment, what we can do to limit our impact and to create awareness everywhere I can.

The little changes I see in the world is what inspires me most, like a child insisting that his mother not take a plastic bag at the supermarket. Those little things give me hope for the future, hope for our planet and drives me to continue to learn, do more personally and to share my journey with others. If through my efforts, and my art I can reach people who in turn also start making a positive change and sharing their own stories, we will through this connection start to save our planet.

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