Every Drop Counts

Water is such a valuable resource that too many people take for granted every day. For a lot of us getting access to water is as easy opening one of the many faucets in our home. However, for around 600 million people it is not that easy and they have to travel long distances to get access to water and for all of these people “Every Drop Counts”.

I wanted people to experience the journey of water through my lamp. As you turn the valve, the lamp will lit up through the water drop lampshade, and the lighting and shadows will be cast reaching the ripple effect base. The ripple effect base is inspired by the ripple in Surge’s logo and the emphasis on the importance of every water drop has a direct connection with Surge and their wonderful water project they do around the world.

The majority of the materials that we use in the design was recycled elements. It is through these items that I want to make people aware of their waste and to realise how many things they throw away every day and to take a moment and see how you can reuse some of your waste as not all waste should be wasted.

Title: “Every Drop Counts

Dimensions: 460mm x 450mm x 1600mm

Medium: Mixed Medium (Wire Frame, Copper Pipes, Valve, Recycled Nespresso Capsules)

Donated to Surge and auctioned off in a silent auction in Dubai.

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