On Running 005

“On Running 005” was inspired by the On Running Art Run Dubai. Cliff Nunley was one of the two winners of the custom painted shoes from the On Running Art Run Dubai. He wanted his shoes to tell his story about his journey from growing up in the US to moving the UAE. The left shoe, represent the USA and growing up in Houston, Texas to moving to Chicago, Illinois. I have also incorporated the US flag in the shoe with clouds to represent the stars and the stripes of the flag. The front part of the shoe is filled with fireworks to represent the American independence day, 4th of July. In the inside of this shoe, I have also included the year that Cliff was born.

For both the shoes, I added the Dubai skyline as well as a spinning bike as Cliff is a spinning instructor at Flywheel and this is what brought him to Dubai. The right shoe also has a quote: Life is a journey enjoy the ride. This refers to his journey in life as well as the enjoyment of riding his bike every day. The colours of the shoe are done in such a way to represent a beautiful sunset with a vibrancy of different colours.  The front part of the shoe also has fireworks to represent all the fireworks that we see in Dubai.

For the cities skylines, I used an outline of the cities to also form part of a heartbeat as this is where Cliff’s heart beats.

Title: “On Running 005”

Medium: Fabric Paint, On shoes

Sold, in a private art collection

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