SUP Clean Up

“SUP Clean Up” was inspired by the wonderful work that SUP Cleanup does to try and keep our oceans cleaner by collecting waste while on their paddle boards.

I used acrylic paint and for contrast in the background, I used pieces of old paddle boards, recycled soda cans, candy wrappers, plastic flowers, plastic bags, nets, water bottles. Most of these items would be items that they find floating in the ocean. With this piece, I wanted to bring awareness of all the different materials that are found in the ocean and that all of them get in the ocean not by chance but by people placing it there one way or another.

Title: “Sup Clean Up”

Dimensions: 900 x 600mm

Medium: Mixed Medium (Acrylic Paint, Recycled Soda Cans, Candy Wrappers, plastic flowers, plastic bags, nets, water bottles, pieces of old paddle boards)

Sold, in a private art collection

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