Young Love

Young Love was inspired by a photograph I took while sitting at a cafe in Old Havana. There was a group of children playing when I spotted this boy and girl walking away from the group saying goodbye to their friends. Just as I took the photo the boy looked back to his friends and gave them a thumbs up, looking very proud as he had a beautiful lady at his side.

I used acrylic paint with a monochrome colour scheme for the portrait and for contrast in the background I used a combination of different recycled materials to depict a sunset that they are walking off into.

Title: “Young Love”

Dimensions: 900 mm x 600mm

Medium: Mixed Medium (Acrylic Paint, candy wrappers, canvas packaging, paint boxes and cereal boxes)

Young Love was exhibited at The Art of Recycling, TechStars Startup Weekend 2017Rooted.

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